Saturday, August 10, 2013

2013, 29th July.


It's my 22th born anniversary ! Suppose to feeling like princess, but it goes another way round. Nevermind, some people still do know how to make it special. Thanks for those who remember and also for those yang wish. I'm appreciate that. THANK YOU! ^_^

Given by Eve.

. . . .

From Libresse! Sure i beli u je tau. haha!

Hah. That's all. Waitin double presents from cik Janjan and Haney hamima. And if possible, from him! =)

So, sempena dengan 22 tahun hidup di dunia, aku dedicate lagu 22 from Taylor Swift for self. Enjoy!!!

Love, Awa. 


Khairul Asrol said...

happy belated birthday awa. sory lambat wish. salam perkenalan daripada blogger picisan. hehe. :)

awaa said...

thanks for the late wish. =p salam perkenalan juga.. =)