Thursday, July 4, 2013

Movie Review : White House Down .

Assalamualaikum.. Hai readers!

Kali ini, aku nak buat review pasal filem White House Down. Before beli tiket for this filem, ada sedikit perbincangan yang agak lama with my sisters about what films we should watch on that night. Quite annoying discussion because everyone with own decision. After blablablabla and dushdushdush, taraaa! we manage to get out from those discussion and bought our tickets. Its four tickets of White House Down in hall 1 at 9:55 pm. Case closed. ('-_-)

Okay, sebelum aku review, lets watch the trailer. 

What your opinion and what you are expecting from the movie after watch the trailer?
Trailer never fail to give best first impression to audience. I was expecting the whole white house is down, but it wasn't. So, what happened actually?  Jeng jeng jeng! 

 From my opinion after watch this film :
  • Good action movie with nice story line and beautiful characters.
  • Berjaya menerapkan unsur komedi even dalam keadaan yang mendebarkan. Lawak yang cuba dilawakkan menjadi dan most of audience memang gelak. Lawak ok lawak. 
  • This story also try to show how importance is the relationship of a father and his daughter. How a father actually loves his daughter and how hard it is to take care of daughters. I agreed with that! =p
  • But, bagi peminat fanatik filem aksi, aku rasa movie nie biasa je sebab its have predictable storyline. Even susun atur cerita itu best, but we can predict what will happen next. 
  • And it is 2 hours and 5 minutes movie. So, prepare yourself with popcorn and regular mirinda strawberry cup!
  • I rated this film 7/10. 

Action movie lover? Kaki wayang ?Love the trailer? Go watch it and rate it by yourself. 

p/s: first time review film and i don't know if this is we called 'review'. Goodbye~

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