Tuesday, July 2, 2013

One Day Contact Lens Trip


Hello readers! I am exciting to share with you all my visit to contact lens manufacturing factory on 25th of June. It's one day trip and we were visited two factories, one in Singapore and the other one in Johore. Those two factories belongs to CIBA Vision Company and they produce contact lenses with the named of Freshlook, FreshKon and also the multipurpose solution, Alcon. 

In Singapore, they just produce daily disposable contact lenses, means you wear it for once, then need to throw it away. In Johore, they produce the monthly disposable, means you can wear it for more than once until one month. Also they working on silicone hydrogel contact lenses which means you can wear those lenses longer until 6 days without remove it even you are sleeping. After 6 days then you need to remove it, cleanses and soak it into the multipurpose solution for one day. But it's been advised to take out the lenses everyday before you sleep, cleanse and soak it. It's much safer for your eyes. :)

Rombongan budak sekolah tak sah kalau takde group photo. Kohkoh

We just been about 3hours in Singapore and it took us one week to wait for group passport to be done. (-.-') Using group passport quite difficult because you have to make sure all the members on the passport need to be there before they cop cop the book. And the colour of the book is in blue, not red. Macam pendatang asing. Hoho. Actually, use individual passport is much much much easier and time-saving too. But i think with just 3hours in Singapore that group passport is more than enough. At least we have passport. 

In Ciba factory in Singapore, they use 99 % machine to produce the lenses. Human just need to take a look on the machine and for the packaging. They import the lenses all over the world especially Japan. Japanese do love their lenses because of the comfortable while wearing it. I tried once and yess! Its comfort. 

Lets go to Johore. Here comes the complicated things. Their factory is so so big and they use thousands of human work.This because they produce silicone hydrogel lenses and also monthly disposable that need more safety precautions. All the workers inside the manufacturing part are indonesian. o_O  Yes, i saw it with my own eyes. They did the same things everyday. And they were also been provided with a place to live called "Home Far From Home". Cruel word but that's the reality. Fuhh~

Another group photo. This one in Johore. We got bags! Ngeh3

After went to the last destination, we all make our way going back to KL. Its tired day yet meaningful. Thank you Ciba Vision for this opportunity. Till we meet again.

p/s : actually, i was hoping for free contact lenses. Hehehe =D

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