Monday, July 1, 2013

July, my month. Welcome !


Today is 1st of July. Month that i have been waiting for. My favourite month. For short, its my birthday month. Tarikh lahir itu adalah sejarah hidup manusia. Well, just saying. 

But i think for this year, there are some events will happen on this month despite of my birthday. Starting from 8th July, i got my practical training until 2nd of August. Its 26 days of wake up at 6 am and stay all day working until 6 pm. Horrible? Terrible? Maybe yes if i think so and maybe no if i enjoy this practical training. Its gonna be great right? Yup! It will be wonderful and awesome. 

Other than that, on 10th July, we will start our fasting month. Yayy! Even i will bersahur dan berbuka alone on first Ramadhan but i think i can handle that. Feeling lonely. Hoho. No, Allah will be there with me. Always. Have faith. 

Well, on 29th of July is my special day. It fall on monday. Its mean i am working on that day. Nevermind, its better than do nothing on my special day. At least its not the worst. I think i'm gonna love that. Experience can't be buy or sell. Its need to be gain. I don't know if i used a proper words there but i am improving my english right now. Yah, right now. ('-.-)

Last but not least, goodluck on your practical training, happy upcoming Ramadhan and happy upcoming birthday Awatif ! May Allah bless me. Amin...

Love, Awa. 

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