Saturday, December 22, 2012

Practical Training

I was so upset when Cik Hanisah (someone who incharge in LI) told me that Hospital Temerloh and Hospital Kuantan will not taking any students to have a practical at their hospitals. Gahh! So, i need to find another places for my LI. Then i chose Hospital Sultanah Aminah at JB because i have aunt who lived there. So, i think it's the best idea at that moment. 

Then i texted my aunt. She said its okay to stay with her. She can fetch me from work but she really can't send me to go to work in the morning. Maybe she also need to go to her workplace. There are no bus around her house, just cab. Thats mean i need to get a cab every morning and it will highly cost. I can't afford that. 

Then, i told my friend @ my second wife (hehe) about my situation and she gave me an idea. She said Centre for Sight is easily reach by LRT. In my thinking, its nice because LRT won't having jammed and surely it lowly cost. I also can rent Ukm's hostel during my LI for a month. So, i thought that its much better if i chose Centre for Sight rather than Hospital Sultanah Aminah. So, i went back to Cik Hanisah and have a change in my LI workplace. Thanks wife for helping me. 

But thats not the end, i still don't know where the place and what is actually centre for sight is. Then, i decided to just googling it. This is what i found...

General idea about this place. Laser eye centre? OK. i'm gonna die~

Location and direction. I have no idea...

So, as a conclusion it's a laser eye centre. Dealing with opthalmologist and some diseases require laser treatment and also LASIK maybe. Can i get free LASIK for my eyes? Ahh, i want it! Heeee~  ;D

p/s: maksu kite kate kite gatai.. haha! 

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Eve John said...

bole ja mention nama cik kat sini yer.. haha