Saturday, July 14, 2012

Me Myself

I don't need anyone else to ruin my life.
It's enough to have me myself.

Some people say i am nice, but some say i am bad. I know that i did some bad things, but that's not make me a bad person. I also did some nice things but that's not make me a nice person. I don't want people think that i am nice neither bad. I just want people to accept me who i am. Its normal for 'normal' people to act bad and nice sometimes. If you are normal, you know what i mean. I can be nice for people who can accept my attitude and apprecite my "nice". 

Sorry for the bad english and thank you for reading. xoxo


Nurlyla said...

as long as u relize that u can bear all people thought about u.. its will be ok.. once u dont want to receive any, u have gone to destroy urself.. this is my story once upon a time..
just believe ib ourself, not other people we want to satisfy, but God.. if it?

AngelAwa said...

yes. i am done to satisty others. let juz be myself. most people never appreciate our kindness and never forget our mistakes. =)