Friday, December 13, 2013

8 Share : Second CahOut!


Hai , hello ~

Last nite, i opened my 8share account and saw too much interesting things that i can share to my friends. So, with quite interesting caption, i shared almost 4 awesome stories. Maybe because they are too awesome, the amount of clicks come in bulge. >.<! After about 2 hours, i opened again the 8share page and my earnings goes up too fast and i can cash out straight away! Wehooo~!!!

Awa bukan aktif sangat, tapi Alhamdulillah..rezeki Tuhan bagi. Bila tengah takde duit, tiba-tiba ada jugak sumber pendapatan sampingan nie. Hehe... Earnings tak banyak sangat tapi boleh guna buat duit makan. Sehari makan RM10 ouh! Cukup la untuk seminggu nie...

So, bila earnings cukup RM50 atau lebih, automatically akan keluar Cash out now!. Just click and isi butiran yang diperlukan then wait for your money. Within 30 days akan dapat la duit tue. Straight away masuk dalam akaun anda. Senang kan...

 My current cash out status~ Haha.. Baru je request RM60.

Now, just tunggu earning awa masuk. Hehe.. Tengah2 buat assignment pun sempat share and jana side income. Best kan! Jom join jugak. Senang je, just share with interesting caption to fb friends or through twitter.

Nak join? Click je sini ---->>>  JOIN 8 SHARE NOW!

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