Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Event Nuffnang : #GSCHorrorFest


Hai and hello everyone!

As mentioned up there in my title, yah! I was going to GSCHorrorFest! Thank you to Nuffnang for the free tickets. This event was held at GSC One Utama at 26th of October starting at 6pm until the scary movies end. Estimated by them was 2pm and i don't know at what time it was ended. Really...i was going back early because first, we are girls.. :p and second i have eyes screening to attend the next day. I'm not lying, please Nuffnang, don't banned me from any event because of this. Hehehe~

It was a great event and movies marathon ever. That is my first time attending Halloween party. We're served with scary foods and of course scary movies. There's a lot of ghosts too. -.-'' 

What movies we watched on that day? Please check on my last post HERE

Among those three movies, i think the most scary ghost is in Rigor Mortis. I've never seen ghosts like that before. Really.. it scared me to death. But luckily, i'm still alive! pheww~

Ouh, we also get goodies bag with scary stuffs!

Kitty love Nuffnang too! 

Okay, the event not just ended there, this is what is waiting for you out there. Check this out.!

This is for you!
  1. The first 50 customers daily will receive a free Surprise Box with every 2 tickets purchased
  2. This promotion is only valid for any of these 3 movies: Rigor Mortis, Carrie and The Second Sight
  3. The promo period is from 26th of October 2013 to 10th of November 2013

We all having a great time with the movies, so can you. Make your way to the participating cinemas now and enjoy yourselves the movies and Surprise Box! Sure you will like it. :)

We. :)

Love, Awa.

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