Saturday, June 8, 2013

Own road, own path, own decision.


Still not sleeping yet. Its already pass midnight. I am thinking of my path. 
Is it i'm in the right path or i am not ?
Its my own path and i'm alone through this path. 
I need a company sometimes.
A sweet company.
Always there when i need. 
Calm me.
Draw a smile on my face. 

Am i already found but i am too blind to see, too ego to admit, too dumb to feel ? 
Maybe. and it will be forever maybe. 
Confusion still love be in my head. 
It accompany me every single time. 
Give me a lot of feelings but yet still love stay there, in my head. 
Thank you. 

Maybe my sweet company can't walk my path for me but at least can walk it with me. 
Its more than enough. 

Love, Awa. 

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