Friday, June 7, 2013

Giveaway by Zeera Lily

She's so obsess to Hello Kitty. Like me! We share the same obzession dear. 
Now, she'd launched her first giveaway with super awesome gifts to grab. Mostly are hello kitty based. I love all those gifts damn much. Can give me all huh? >_< !

These are the info about the giveaway : 

Syarat Penyertaan 

1) Mestilah follow blog ini telebih dulu
2) Buat 1 entry bertajuk 'Giveaway by zeera lily'
3) Copy banner diatas & back link pada entry ini
4)  Dalam entry tu, copylah semua info dalam entry ini
5) Lastly, tinggalkan link pada comment entry ini

Hadiah Utama

1) Hello Kitty Mini Perfume edt from Etude House 
2) Border Lace from Camicia Kurung & Border Lace 
3) Tribal Shawl form KLShop


1) Hello Kitty Plusher
2) Miniature or Samples from TheFaceShop & Shiseido

Pemenang akan dipilih secara Top Referral & Lucky Draw

Contest ends 6th July 2013. 

So, what u waiting for ? Lets join this. Click on the banner above. Or click HERE

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