Sunday, May 26, 2013

Weird Dream

Assalamualaikum and very good afternoon to all.

Tadi. Aku dapat satu mimpi yang agak pelik. Mimpi yang mengisahkan aku join lumba lari. Yes, in reality pun aku suka berlari.
Aku dan adik aku join satu lumba lari. Disebabkan dah lambat, kami just berlari ikut pelari2 yang join tanpa start from starting point. Main ngelat sungguh. And track lumba lari tu adalah curam, means macam bukit. My sister asked to run on the top of curam but i refused. I prefer lari dekat bawah sebab jalan lebih smooth. Then, we continue our run until the end point. Sampai2 dekat sana, no one yang sambut kami and when i asked them, they said the running competition tak mula lagi. So, sia2 lah kami lari tadi.

To join the new competition, we need to register and pay some money first. Nak dijadikan cerita, datanglah seorang lelaki yang volunteer untuk menguruskan registration kami. So, i gave him my money to settle mine. and aku sendiri yang settle'kan registration adik aku. Ntah kenapa macam complicated sangat. Dan adik aku aku dah berjaya dapatkan makanan dan kasut yang disediakan as doorgift. Lucky her. But mine? 

Waktu competition nak start, the man is missing. I told the man yang uruskan event larian and he ask me to calm down and he start to search for shoes and food for me. What i can see through my dream, he tried to find the best shoes and the most delicious food for me. He tasted every food there to make sure i get the delicious one. How weird, isn't it?

I don't know what this dream try to tell me. Maybe cuma mainan tidur. But sometimes dreams give meaning and try to tell you something. Its like what i am chasing right now is not the best for me and unpredictably, the right one comes. Haha! It's just a dream...nothing much to worry ryte ? 

That's all. Thanks for reading. Tata~

Love, Awa. 

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