Sunday, May 26, 2013

Awesome dinner is pretty awesome!

Lately, aku rajin meng'update blog. I don't know why and mostly time study week rajin itu datang. Gahh~!

Last monday evening, i've got a dinner. An annual dinner of optometry. This time giliran kami student third year organize this dinner. And i was an exco cenderamata along with Nora. Thats a lot work to be done before, during and after dinner. This is the last time i do that job. Really last!

The theme is Secrets of the Opera, Beneath the mask. So, mask is compulsory thing to be wore on that  beautiful evening!

Okay now.. lets pictures speak~

introducing Nora ! exco cenderamata 1. sangat penyabar orangnya..

with Kak Tin yang comel~

dengan biha yang sengal ubi kentang yang dilenyek2..

TRIO terhebat! i love them both damn much !
always there for me. muahh!

From giving out goodies bag sampai hadiah2 lain semua kami yang uruskan. There's a lot things on goodies bag and the prizes are awesome. Cuma budget je lari. Sikit. Banyak jugak la. Yaaa... ada tiny confusing masa cari hadiah and spend the money. Nevermind, semua dah lepas and i was happy for that. At least i know i did a great job. Pat my own back. Syabas awatif, syabas! 

Love, Awa.

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