Saturday, December 15, 2012

Taylor Swift's Poem

I'm so exciting to share this to people. I love to read this so much. It's originally made by one of my "macho" friend, Eve John. Ermm,,she is a girl by the way. Heee... Now enjoy!

 I was Enchanted to meet him at first then I Jump Then Fall For Him,
 and he make me Crazier, 
then we made Our song, 
but it was just a Thug Story
and I said to him I Know You were trouble when you walk in,
 but I want him to Stay Stay Stay,
but he was so Mean
             and I said This Is The Last Time for sure               ♪
, pls DOnt Come In With The Rain anymore..

Last Christmas he said sorry
but I know You're not Sorry! 
♫  so I dont wanna go Back to December 
cause loving Him Was Red,
so I said We are never ever ever getting back together.. 

This is the Story Of Us when I was Fifteen 

                         and I wish we Never Grow Up,                     ♫

 but there is A Place IN this World to BEGIN AGAIN. 



EyqaLuvender said...

all in!!!
btw,kite suke ^_^

AngelAwa said...

heeee~ kite lagilah suke awak!