Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gigantic White Bear lying on my little Bed.

Tajuk entry yang agak over di situ. Ala-ala tajuk fairytale gitu. 

A bear? This is for real babe! Not a little bear, its big. like a giant, huge giant. Ketinggian yang mencecah angkasa dan kelebaran yang melangkaui 2 benua dunia. Ok, metafora yang terlampau. Apsal ntah aku malam nie. Getting crazy? Maybe. 

This bear is not mine. Its really not mine. Its belong to my youngest sister. But, she left the bear on my bed so i just assume that the bear is mine! Wuahahahaha! *gelak jahat* 

Ok, he don't have any name yet. I assume that he don't have name yet. My assumption again. Now, lets give him a name. Some ideas please. Lets start with a lucky name...hurmmmmmm GIANT ! *bunyi cengkerik* Ok, lets find another name. POPO! yaa..i think it suit him. Dalam cerita Dragon Ball ada nama popo, yang gemuks pendek hitam tu. Haaa...this POPO is white, tinggi and tak gemuks. Ok, "Same story, different versions. All are true ". *kata-kata dipetik dari filem Pirates of Carribean* 

Now, we have the name. So, lets me introduce my gigantic white POPO ! 

He's lying on my bed with innocent face. -__-"

Kesian dia sejuk, so i selimutkan la dia. u'olls nih.

Like a boss. Yeah!

Big enough to hide the whole me. Lets ignore the mess of my room. Lets! 

"Anda mahukan bear seperti ini? Anda boleh dapatkan disini Xacaxx Collection ."

Enough with the sesi iklan tak berbayar. Hehe...
Ok, sekian sahaja cerita Popo. Special entry for Popo. Senang nak jaga, no need food, just let him lying on the bed bebeyh. Zaassss~

Love, Popo. 

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