Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hell-O Kitty Big Head !

Hell-O world! =D

Today, i would like to introduce my sleeping partner. She's different from others coz she doesnt have body, only head. But she could hear and always there when i need. So, i named her Big Head. Quite buruk nama tue but i think she loves the name. By hook or by crook she must love that name. Coz i'm your owner. Problem? Hehehe 

So, here it is! My Big Head~! 

She's cute isn't she? Heeee~ ♥

Domo-shi yang terkezut tengok Big head. Over la kau Domo~ -_-"

I can be your body. This is real Hello Kitty. HAHA O_o

I'm happy to share my addiction and obsession with people. Enjoy! ^^
Well then...happy reading. See ya! 

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