Thursday, November 21, 2013



Hai guys!

Just another short entry about what i felt and happened right now. Confuse and curious about something. Don't know the truth. Don't know which wrong or right. Don't know what should i really do and what i shouldn't do at all. Life is complicated isn't it?

He's got a problem. She's also got a problem. They actually having the same problem but in different versions. Everything goes so wrong.

Lately, i'm so clumsy. Easily to forget, especially when comes to education, means my study. I don't want to fail and repeat for another one year. Please just let me graduate with honor.
Study with do part time job is not easy. Need more sacrifice. Sacrifice of your precious weekend. Ahhh! I need to completed this by hook or by crook.

Ouh, tomorrow i've got pediatrics clinic, so need to read something about it. Do some preparations before treat any patient. If not..i will be scolded. K bye!

p/s: don't read. 


Cik Tieka said...

salam awa or cik Akmal? hehe.. masalah pe tu? harap awa dpt hadapi dgn tenang. ouh ya,tenkiu sangat yg G.A Hunyeda tu,cardigan tu sngt comel..huhu :)

awaa said...

wslm..boleh pggl awa. hehe..Alhamdulillah dah smpai.. comel kan. awa pun ade satu.. :)