Sunday, November 24, 2013

Annoyed uncle



Another story.

On one past annoyed day, i was in charge in frame room. So, need to count the frame stock and entertain any patient that would like to make spectacles, having problem with their current spec or anything related to spec and also contact lens. Okay,that's not what i want to highlight here. 

Okay,let's me begin the real annoyed story. Suddenly,there came an uncle, a malay old man, age around 40+ with problem of distance and reading problem. So, in short, he need a pair of multifocal glasses. But he just want to ask the price,to compare with the outside price. Of course he maybe find out that at the outside,the glasses will be cheaper. It's only valid when comparing the price, not the quality. In ukm optometry clinic,we just use lenses from HOYA and Essilor only. The top quality brand of lenses. Yah! that's the truth.

Okay,let's proceed about the uncle.. After see the price.. 

Uncle: " Nevermind, i will make one pair outside". 
Me: "Okay, but the quality is different". 
Uncle: "xpelaa..just need a new pair as spare". 
I just smile and then he continue talking.. 

Uncle: "I nak pergi vacation ke Bali next month, that's why nak spare. Pergi dengan isteri pertama and lima orang anak." 
and my reaction. "Oh." 
He continued talking again, " Isteri kedua takde lagi. " 
I replied, " Satu cukup la pakcik"
Uncle: "Ehh..mane boleh. Kat luar tu ramai yang nak,ramai yang tunggu."

And i make a weirdest face and walk away from him.
What is your purpose on saying that?!

Multifocal glasses pun tak mampu beli,ade hati nak kawen ramai. 


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