Friday, October 25, 2013

That girl was me


Hai !

Just wondering what people think and feel when i be my real self. Do they still can say "She's my friend", or just saying "Oh, i know her. Saw her walking around and greet her sometimes."

Don't have too much friends, and i don't really care actually. But if i do really don't care, i will never mention here. Like i'm doing right now. Means? I care.

I was someone that concern about other's conditions before,talk nicely, act kindly, hold my anger in sake of people hearts. End up crying alone in the toilet until i feel release. In simple word, i'm not selfish. But now, i am totally different. Maybe of some people don't ever know how to appreciate or they just showed how to be a selfish person. I learn easily through action. 

So now, i just do NOTHING.


Cik Siti MAR said...

meh aku teman amik sign cik laili meh.. x mo nanges2 lam toilet deh

xacaxxcollection said...
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awaa said...

sengal la meri... yg tu memg kau kene teman pon. :p