Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Online Shop


Introducing my new online shop, CUTE LITTLE WARDROBE. Having some problems in giving the name but nahh! that's the final decision. Why this name? Because the shop is too new and still young. I am selling some cute pre-order clothes. 

Cute Duck Sweater
Come with three colours : grey,yellow and red
Price : RM 33 

Colourful gems blouse
Come with two colours : Black and White
Price : RM30

Interest? You can go to this page CUTE LITTLE WARDROBE [klik klik klik] for more choices and details. And i need your help to like that page. Please... =)

Love, Awa.


Zuan said...

comei2.. moga murah rezeki ;)

awaa said...

amin.. thanks zuan. =)

Cik YuYu said...

comey sweater tu ... done follow awaa jgk :)

Aku Penghibur said...

comel baju nie :)