Friday, July 5, 2013

Random words.


Today, our loveable lecturer just announce our supervisors who responsible to help and guide us on our upcoming thesis. It's thesis babe! Thats mean i'm gonna face my very final year as a degree student. Cool !!! Really damn cool~ and thats also means i will leave my university life soon. Its gonna be sad moment T_T. 

So, my thesismate is Chong Ching Wei. She's brilliant girl. Dear, help me. Hehe... And our thesis supervisor is Prof. Sharanjeet Kaur. Welcome prof! Hope we have some chemistry and can work together well. : D
Annoyed awa is always annoying. ('-_-). I know some people dislike me because of my attitude. But, i'm not wake up everyday to impress people! Okay, out of topic. 

Ouh, i just forgot. My practical training is around the corner. I feel butterfly in my stomach already and those butterfly will increase in number this monday. Thank you butterfly for accompany me. Really appreciate that. Duhh~!

Okay, that's all for now. Please pray for me. 

Love, Awa. 

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