Saturday, May 25, 2013

Patiently waiting

Its been two years...
I'm still here.
Patiently wait.
Waiting for some miracles.
Maybe one day the very fine day will come.
The day i urge to have.
Lovely day.

Whenever i saw sexy pretty woman.
I have the feelings to wear what they wore.
I want to be sexy sometimes.
that's only dunya.
something won't last forever.
someday i will leave this world.
I knew it and everybody knew it too.
why we really care about dunya ?

Maybe some have pretty face, pretty body to be show.
I don't.
Some do plastic surgery to be beauty.
You gonna leave your body someday.
It's just temporary. 

I lose my faith.
My faith towards my religion.
I forgot to remember Him.
So busy in finding the beauty of dunya.
Because of some unwanted things happened.
I lose what i'm holding on all of this time.
I'm weak.
Human, easily forget things.

I want be strong.
Strong enough to pass through the remaining days 
until my last breath.

Allah, please help me in holding to Your religion, live through the right path and die as Muslim. 


Love, Awatif.

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