Sunday, February 24, 2013

The reason why .


I'm currently single. Really? NO! Err, i mean yes. 
Fuhh~ After 2 years of menyulam kasih. Haha! Stop laughing. Funny enough. Pfftt~ 

The question is, Why ? 
The answer is I Don't Know.
This is not what i want, not what i ask for, also not my will. Absolutely NO. 

What i'm sure of is " I forgot Allah "
You sure you can be happy when you challenge your God ?
You sure you can live when you put Him away ?
You sure you can be together when you ignore all His rules ?
Sure enough ? I beat you to do that. 

When you in a relationship with other gender, i mean you are in love, you will practically become blind. All you can think is about him/her. Every single day. But at the same time you also think about other 'important' things that you are suppose to do. The exactly opposite way of what you are doing at the moment you are in love. Complicated words i got here, but i hope you can understand what i am trying to deliver. Deliver? Delivery? Pizza hut special delivery~ 1 3 00 88 2525~ Gahhh! Bad english. Oh my english! 

Now, Stop.

Ok, One last advice, " Don't ever forget ALLAH " 

With Abah. The only man who never hurt me. ♥

p/s: ignore all the 'mengarut' things. 

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