Thursday, January 31, 2013

A white blouse. The special one.

I bought a blouse at Romp about 3 weeks ago. Its in white in colour. Sangat selesa bila pakai dan its fit me well. I love to wear it but takkan nak pakai hari-hari kan. Its seem like i was obsessed by the blouse. Lol

Here, i attach some pictures of me in that white blouse. Jangan muntah please~ 

Maaf, edit terlampau. hehe

Feeling pose macam model. Once again, jangan muntah. K

Smile =)
Its just a normal blouse but its mean a lot to me even i bought it myself. The reason behind why i bought it. Nobody knows cause i was alone searching for it. Only God knows.

Love.  ♥ 

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