Saturday, September 1, 2012

Volkswagen. Das Auto. Show 2012


Have you heard about Volkswagen Show 2012? If yes, you are awesome! If no, let hear it now. As one of car's fan, i want to share something meaningful to all Volkswagen fans out there. Do you one of them?

 Are you love this? 

VW Beetle

or this?

This is my favourite. Pink Beetle. Superb Awesome! Please come to mama~ 

This is Cool. Black + White = Pahang Flag. (-,-')

Enough with the pictures. Now let's book a seat in their show. If you interested to see the real Beetle, you can book your seat here:

(click here ↑ )

Date: 8th & 9th September 2012.
Venue: KLCC
Admission fee: FREE !

Book your seat now before it's too late. 
For further information please click here ↓


p/s: i hope i can have this car one day. Pink beetle! ^_^

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